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Kadhi cotton Churidar Material
Kadhi cotton Churidar Material
Kadhi cotton Churidar Material
Kadhi cotton Churidar Material
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Kadhi cotton Churidar Material

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Kadhi cotton Churidar Material

Top, Bottom, and dupatta are kadhi cotton material with batik print.

To Understand the color much more accurately, copy the code given below and search it on the internet. (we recommend searching it in google for userfriendly results)

code (top): #BD5838

Code (bottom): #4C4B3F

length of dupatta is 240 Cm with width 60 Cm.

length of bottom is 225 Cm with width 115 Cm.

length of the top is 220 Cm with width 115 Cm.

it will only take 1 day to dispatch from the date of order. All the products are shipped after QC, and still, if the customer finds any damage to the product like, tear in the material or any color spots, the material will be taken back and a refund will be provided. kindly pls avoid any minute dots defects that do not make any difference to the finished product. There won't be any replacement provided if the color fades from the product. The condition is applied only if the customer provides credible proof of the damage and should be done within 1-2 days of receiving the product.
Kadhi Cotton
Dresses Length
As per choice, will get a maximum dress length of 1 meter 5 cm. total length of material is 2 meter 20 Cm.
Sleeve Length
As per choice, Will get a maximum length of 40 cm for a person with relatively big hands.
Hand Wash